Listening to Quebecers

This week, my Conservative team and I launched our important consultation tour in Quebec. We will travel across the province to listen to Quebecers, and will develop our policies for Quebec for the next election in 2019. It will be a plan for Quebecers, by Quebecers. We will take concrete steps to get real results. A strong Quebec within a united Canada is not only important, it’s essential. We are looking forward to meeting with you across Quebec.

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Friday, April 20, 2018

We are the only federal party that RESPECTS provincial jurisdictions.


Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are listening to Quebecers. We are the only federal party that respects provincial jurisdictions. We have recognized that Québec forms a nation within Canada and fought to obtain a seat for Québec at UNESCO.

Several options are available to obtain even more concrete results for Québec.

That is why our Conservative team, led by our political lieutenant, Alain Rayes, began a round of consultations to listen to Quebecers throughout the province.

Unlike other political parties, we are not going to tell Quebecers what their priorities are. Instead, we are going to listen and develop policies in collaboration with citizens.

We want to have a positive and respectful conversation that brings people together to know what the next Conservative government can do so that a larger majority of Quebecers feel at home within Canada.

To allow the largest possible number of Quebecers to tell us what they think, we invite you to send us your ideas, proposals and comments. Together, we will be able to take concrete action for Québec.

Staying Connected


Scheer standing at a podiumAs the Leader of the Official Opposition of Canada and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I would like to thank you warmly for taking part in this conversation.

I am very proud to speak French and I try every day to improve my knowledge of the language in which our country was founded, since the Prime Minister of Canada must be able to speak both official languages.

Our team is listening to Quebecers. Guided by profound values that include respect for provincial jurisdictions, we are starting an important conversation—one that is frank, positive and inclusive—with Quebecers so that our political policies to be proposed to Québec in 2019 are developed by and for Quebecers.

We are extending a hand to show that we are interested in and serious about Québec and to provide some substance with regard to the recognition of the Québec nation.

Although Québec has not signed the Canadian constitution, it is still our responsibility, as a federal political party, to make concrete proposals that will provide tangible results for Quebecers as well as all Canadians.

I will be categorical about this: I will not tell Quebecers what their priorities are. On the contrary, it is Quebecers who will tell us their priorities as part of this conversation.

Once again, thank you very much for your contribution.




Rayes at a podiumDear Madam,

Dear Sir,

As an MP and Andrew Scheer’s political lieutenant in Québec, I am excited and enthusiastic about reading ideas provided by hundreds of people from across Québec.

I am honoured that Mr. Scheer has given me the responsibility of guiding our initiative of holding a major conversation with Quebecers, thereby ensuring that we propose policies that are in keeping with Québec’s needs and aspirations.

After completing this several month-long tour, I will be responsible for delivering a report that includes all ideas raised as well as the consensuses that were reached.  This will then lead to the development of concrete policies for Québec. It is important to realize that an excellent idea raised by only one person may absolutely be included in this report. I therefore would like to hear all proposals, from the most basic ideas to the boldest initiatives.

As a proud Quebecer and Canadian, I am very excited to be given responsibility for the project to take the recognition of the Québec nation even further and to make this initiative more concrete for all Quebecers.

We will succeed together, which is why your contribution is extremely important.

I am looking forward to having a conversation with you, in order to move Québec forward within Canada!